Lucy Gallant, Anxiety

Singer Songwriter, Australia

Casey Vissenjoux, Anxiety

Model & Yoga Instructor, Australia

Veronika Scurr, Self-Sabotage

Life Coach, Australia

Valencia Dualis, Confidence

Dental Surgeon, Malaysia

Amy, Relationships

Jeweller, Australia

Bronwyn, PMDD

Teacher, Australia

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Anxiety & Stress

“I just wanted to send you the biggest, most heartfelt THANK YOU! You have helped me completely change my life and I feel like a completely different person from where I was 2 weeks ago. I am listening to my recording every night and some mornings when I have time and it has helped me so much!”

Casey Vissenjoux

Model & Yoga Instructor, Australia


“Samala Austin is indeed an exceptional therapist, one of the world's best! In RTT, she has helped me finding the root cause of my stuck thought pattern on certain issues in my life, and bring me back to my own power to nourish the inner child within me.”

Valencia Dualis

Dental Surgeon, Malaysia

Struggled with Guilt

“Samala, I wish to thank you for such a life changing session. I’ve been living with so much discourse for so so many years. Being recommended to you has been the most empowering gift I’ve been given. Thank you from all my insides for such a life changing session of RTT with you. You really are magical. I literally can’t believe all my life’s issues have been eradicated. Wish I had seen you years ago. I feel so free. ❤️💫”

Cindy Petersons

Byron Bay, Australia

Dissociation Order

“I really felt that this was such an amazing and powerful session, I didn't have any idea what it would be like, I thought that we would just say affirmations but, going back to all those memories and just really genuinely letting them go, was amazing and I really felt that so much has been cleared out of the way and the dust has been cleared. I really didn’t think it could happen, but I really felt during the session, like myself and I really felt that I found myself and I found the familiar feeling of what that is, what does it feel to feel like yourself..”


Tehran, Iran


“I just had an amazing session with Samala, and I couldn’t recommend her any more highly for anybody thats looking to do any type of work thats really deeply healing. I found that session to be, truly amazing. I was able to hit some real pain points there and heal some trauma that that was not really obvious to me prior, and in that im feeling a lot more empowered to to be able to cope with, what I need to cope with, moving forward, being able to integrate these new emotions into day to day life, and use them as a tool. Being able to acknowledge, reflect, heal, reset and refocus, is something that I've experienced today. Thank you so much.”

Franko Rizzo

Melbourne, Australia

Success Stories

I Loved working with Samala! She has such a soothing voice and a powerful way of working with limiting beliefs. Helped me around my beliefs of not being enough for the big things I want to do in my business. Definitely recommend her work for limiting beliefs!

Erin Newman, USA

Samala is perceptive, supportive and expertly skilled in re-wiring your mindset. I was a little dubious about hypnotherapy, but I am so glad I chose to give it a go, and so glad I chose Samala.

David J., Australia
Lost Love

I was really impressed with Samala's work. She is perceptive, compassionate, and skilled. She went above and beyond to support me at a time when I needed a method that felt personal.

P. Mauday, Brisbane

I immediately felt different after my first session with Samala. My relationship with alcohol has changed forever and I love listening to the recordings. As well as instilling new beliefs in my brain, they help me relax and sleep at night.

Emma Briggs, Australia

I found Samala with a quick google search and booked in straight away. I’ve done two sessions with her, six weeks apart, and diligently listened to the hypnotherapy tracks she recorded daily for a month after. The sessions themselves felt very powerful and I was left fatigued for a couple of days after the first one- to me the sign of a very deep healing...Whilst I didn’t get any instant euphoria, what I did experience over the course of the last two and a half months was a huge increase in confidence, happiness, inner peace, and positivity, and my first PMDD-free menstrual cycle since the disorder began.Samala is a wonderful, kind, compassionate and genuine person and practitioner and I’m extremely glad that I chose to give RTT with her a go.

Claire, Naturopath, Byron Bay

I AM AMAZINGLY CALM & FOCUSSED - NOT GETTING AGITATED AT ALL - THE SHIFTS HAVE BEEN QUITE MIRACULOUS - It feels like my centre core has been reset to my original default - Words can’t even describe the instant response I have experienced in such a profound way. And smaller more subtle shifts are occurring every day. I am able to hold fast to my decisions and feel empowered to back myself. So exciting and liberating to feel this inner flow of strength. I love my recording and never miss it!!! I have I am enough on my bathroom mirror fridge everywhere...

Simone, Byron Bay

From the moment I first met Samala I felt safe.I was offered a payment plan option with absolutely no judgment or hesitation.She gently guided me through my PMDD healing with so much grace and absolutely no ego or pretentiousness. I knew she genuinely wanted to help me achieve my goal, and she did.Samala has empowered me to know I am enough! I am two weeks out of my 4-week healing journey with Samala and I have never felt more at peace with myself.If you are looking to heal then I can honestly say you are in the right place!

Kirsty Quinlan, Melbourne

I facilitate organizational transformation shaping a culture of cooperate agility.Quick adaptation to changing markets is a fundamental truth to competitive survival. Transformational change was tediously slow and time consuming until discovering Samala. I have experienced personal change in a single session that conventional therapy required multiple sessions. RTT has provided me new insights to leverage cooperate change. If you want remove unwanted personal limitations, Samalas is fully equipped to quickly transform your limiting barriers.

Donnie Hunger, Organisational Consulting, USA
Fear & Self-Doubt

Hi Samala,Firstly, just want to say THANK YOU! My session with you has truly changed my life. You helped me heal past traumas of mine and see with such clarity and find a new sense of self-worth and love. You were truly amazing and so kind and supportive throughout the whole process. The session was so powerful and you have a such a beautiful soul. Thank you so much, you really have made such a positive impact on my life, I am currently listening to the recording every night and can’t wait for continual change to keep coming but seriously after the session I felt an immediate shift. Feel so grateful to have met you.

Jorgi, Byron Bay

Dear Samala,I just want to thank you for your skills, knowledge and words that have helped me so much- more than I ever expected- and importantly, I felt very safe and cared for during the hypnotherapy session, as well as before and after.In the beginning, I thought it would be hard to make the time to listen to my recording day after day, but I really enjoyed the time out and felt relaxed and calm after each session. It has been a few months since I finished but I still listen to my recording now and then and still gain so much by doing so.You have helped me so much with my anxieties and self-esteem. I have let go of a lot that was no longer serving me, I cannot recommend you enough to anyone that is thinking about talking this path, for whatever they need.

Anna, Byron Bay

I had been struggling with feelings of guilt and resentment around being a mother for over six years before I heard about RTT. I can honestly say that my one session with Samala has changed my life. Through the hypnosis I was able to pinpoint actual moments in my life which had set my beliefs into place. It also opened me up to realising that these were just beliefs, and that they could be re-written. With Samala’s amazing help that is exactly what has happened. Beliefs which I had held my whole life were turned on their head so that I now see myself in a totally different way.Thank you, Samala, for your support and encouragement. I’m so glad that I was able to work with you

Lucy, Cardiff, UK
Parenting Guilt

Thank you so much for such a wonderful session, I feel much better already! Below is my testimonial of our session:Samala is an exceptional therapist and I thoroughly enjoyed my session with her. She made me feel so seen and heard. She listened intently to what I was saying and helped me uncover and understand what was holding me back. Samala is kind and empathic and made me feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. My session with her was very transformational and I am excited to see what future benefits it will have on my life. I highly recommend doing a RTT session with her. Also I love listening to the recording she made, the sound of her voice is so lovely and relaxing!Looking forward to connecting again in the future :)

Kelly, USA

Thank you for all the emails you sent, they really encouraged me to keep going as I got worried that things weren’t changing at first. But I’ve kept up listening every day and I’ve seen great changes! I’m a lot calmer than I used to be, and I don’t stress about things as much because I feel confident I can do something about it - which is a massive thing for me. (And pretty important at the moment given the crazy restrictions we’re back to).I hope you have a fabulous 2021. Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me. It has truly changed my life.

Lara, Wales, UK

Hi Samala,I feel so different!!! I would have to say my session with you is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It was really powerful and exactly what I needed right at this point in my life. I am feeling strong and content with who I am and can see my confidence growing every day as well.The week after my session, I did feel a sense of grief and it would come in waves, for what I experienced as a kid and the responsibility I took on with my parents’ divorce. It was an interesting grief process because I felt like I was grieving for a 3rd party. Recognising and seeing it from a different perspective for the first time, it felt like I wasn’t attached to it anymore but still feeling empathy for me as a kid.This is a strange one, but I’ve never felt like a grown up, I guess with lack of confidence and feeling like a had nothing to offer, I’ve always felt like a kid, playing house and my kids are my dolls. That has gone now and I feel like an adult with plenty to offer. I have really noticed with my teaching Yoga, my confidence shining through. I’ve got some really complicated cases at the moment and I’m using my intuition and trusting myself for the first time and not doubting or second guessing like I use to.I’m listening to my recording every night, and its strange, but it feels like I hear something new every time I listen. I’ve not slept through the night since before my eldest daughter was born over 10 years ago. While my sleep isn’t perfect, I have had more nights than not, where I mostly sleep through the night. I might wake up, but very quickly am back to sleep and then awake before my alarm goes off in the morning feeling well rested and energised to start the day. It feels great.Heads up too, I’ve told plenty of people about you and so has my Mum.I really appreciate you and what you have been able to do for me, it such a turning point in my life. Thank you so much.Have a great week ahead and I look forward to checking in again soon.Kind regards,

Sarah, Melbourne
Confidence & Anxiety

Yesterday with Samala I had an incredible transformation, a shift of shame and guilt that has been deep inside me for many many years.After my session, I felt such relief and sitting in my vulnerability was so powerful. I have finally finished punishing myself.A new Zing in my life. I feel freeeeee. I was so impressed with conversational hypnotherapy, it started with my issue but ended up somewhere I was not expecting to go, much deeper and needed to heal so I felt truly free.Thank you with all my heart Samala.

Cindy P., Conversational Hypnotherapy
Business Owner, Byron Bay

Samala was compassionate and caring throughout my hypnotherapy session. With her support and facilitation, I uncovered some unknowns, I had to change barriers to change. Samala offered ongoing support and guidance after the session and follow up if I needed it.

Bonnie W., Hypnotherapy
Mullumbimby, Australia

My experience working with Samala has been transformative. Her caring and empathetic approach enabled me to discover a better way of thinking, feeling, and living. She takes the time to really understand your needs and tailors the approach to fit. Her kindness is genuine, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her to improve my quality of life.

Paddy McHugh, Anxiety
Musician, Singer, Brisbane

I have recently last week had another session with Samala in Conversation Hypnotherapy it was for around 5 hours and it was honestly like going to therapy for 2yrs, With the deep stuff we uncovered and what we were able to identify I'm not sure I would have been able to even in therapy for 3 Yrs. Samala the whole time was very present with me as I uncovered all these mental blocks I found and was very loving and caring. I really felt supported and cared for the whole 5 hours. I would highly recommend this technique to anyone who wants to uncover what's holding them back in life and to finally get some answers from within. It's amazing how it's all inside us. Anyways, thanks again Samala it was so good and I look forward to our next appointment.

Elly Young, Conversational Hypnotherapy
Photographer, NZ

I chose to work with you because I had great results in the past. I love your approach and I feel comfortable opening up to you. You have a beautiful aura and energy about you that is very healing. Your positive reinforcement and regular check-ins after the session are extremely supportive. I have not binged in approx. 6-8 weeks which is amazing as it was a daily occurrence. You have transformed my life. You have an amazing gift, and I am so grateful for all your help, love and support.

L.M., Binge Eating
Personal Trainer, Gold Coast

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