Lucy Gallant, Anxiety

Singer Songwriter, Australia

Casey Vissenjoux, Anxiety

Model & Yoga Instructor, Australia

Veronika Scurr, Self-Sabotage

Life Coach, Australia

Bronwyn, PMDD

Teacher, Australia

Elly Young, Confidence

Photographer, New Zealand

Amy, Relationships

Jeweller, Australia

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Anxiety & Stress

“I just wanted to send you the biggest, most heartfelt THANK YOU! You have helped me completely change my life and I feel like a completely different person from where I was 2 weeks ago. I am listening to my recording every night and some mornings when I have time and it has helped me so much!”

Casey Vissenjoux

Model & Yoga Instructor, Australia

Struggled with Guilt

“Samala, I wish to thank you for such a life changing session. I’ve been living with so much discourse for so so many years. Being recommended to you has been the most empowering gift I’ve been given. Thank you from all my insides for such a life changing session of RTT with you. You really are magical. I literally can’t believe all my life’s issues have been eradicated. Wish I had seen you years ago. I feel so free. ❤️💫”

Cindy Petersons

Byron Bay, Australia


“I really felt that this was such an amazing and powerful session, I didn't have any idea what it would be like, I thought that we would just say affirmations but, going back to all those memories and just really genuinely letting them go, was amazing and I really felt that so much has been cleared out of the way and the dust has been cleared. I really didn’t think it could happen, but I really felt during the session, like myself and I really felt that I found myself and I found the familiar feeling of what that is, what does it feel to feel like yourself..”


Tehran, Iran


“For two years I've been wanting to quit smoking. I've tried the traditional hypnotherapy two or three times which didn't work. That's when I approached Samala, I tried her RTT and Conversational Hypnosis. With the two combined I felt like there was a lot of progress and shift in my identity.”




“I just had an amazing session with Samala, and I couldn’t recommend her any more highly for anybody thats looking to do any type of work thats really deeply healing. I found that session to be, truly amazing. I was able to hit some real pain points there and heal some trauma that that was not really obvious to me prior, and in that im feeling a lot more empowered to to be able to cope with, what I need to cope with, moving forward, being able to integrate these new emotions into day to day life, and use them as a tool. Being able to acknowledge, reflect, heal, reset and refocus, is something that I've experienced today. Thank you so much.”

Franko Rizzo

Melbourne, Australia

Success Stories

The intake conversation alone cut to the core issues underlying a year of chronic pain and impacted the sensations in my body. She achieved what months of medical tests and healing modalities had failed to do.

Sheree Frank


Beautiful People,I've had a couple of hypno sessions with Samala at different times, and having never experienced these before I was really looking forward to them!

Samala has such a beautiful and for me, a wondrous way that she took me through my 2 processes (so far) I gave my self permission to allow ME to just have a great experience, and both times they have been fantastic to say the least.

Even though I was feeling awake and aware, I came out of my sessions feeling very very grounded and actually, very peaceful within. Also feeling and experiencing a sense of ease aswell which is such a great feeling.
Throughout my life, in the past I don't have any conscious memories of remembering my dreams, perhaps just once a month...maybe, and for the last 2.5 weeks I have woken up and remembered my dreams every night, which has been a very new experience for me, very surreal.

I did not have any expectations about what I would receive and let go of from my sessions, and I am so pleasantly surprised!!!
ThankYOU soooo much Samala!

Pete Kennedy

Gold Coast, Australia
Life Coach

My experience with Samala was nothing short of incredible. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety around making some major moves in my life and going through her process completely put me at ease. Now that I'm on the other side of everything I can wholeheartedly say with gratitude that I'm immeasurably thankful for what she's done. She's clearly very skilled and her intuition is out of this world. Thanks Samala!

Chris Goode


I had a session with Samala just over a week ago and can’t believe how amazing I feel already. Samala is fantastic at what she does and has such a calm and kind voice.
For the first time in my life my mind feels quiet. The emptiness that I felt before isn’t there anymore. I feel like I’m enough and I am just soo excited to be alive!
Book in the session! You won’t regret it xx

Izzy L.


Hi, I’m Casey and I’ve had both “Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy” and “Conversational Hypnotherapy” with Samala, both therapies have really helped me in my healing journey.

Mainly with anxiety, but then most recently also just starting to get clarity around different areas in my life.

The “Conversational Hypnotherapy” I felt just undid all of these little knots that I had in my mind, and made me realise that the things, I was creating as problems actually weren’t issues in my life, when we got back to the root of all of them, and I’ve found that both of these therapies have really helped me get to the root of the different issues in my life, and the anxiety I was experiencing, and since having that awareness, its really allowed me to live my life more fully, and from a place that is more clear and calm, and really just taking the time to do the things that I really want to do, rather than feeling held back all the time.

So if you are thinking about working with Samala, you definitely should book a session with her.

I feel like out of everything I’ve ever really tried Samala’s helped me the most

Thank you

Casey Vissenjoux

Byron Bay, Australia
Model & Yoga Teacher

Yesterday with Samala I had an incredible transformation, a shift of shame and guilt that has been deep inside me for many many years.

After my session, I felt such relief and sitting in my vulnerability was so powerful. I have finally finished punishing myself.

A new Zing in my life. I feel freeeeee. I was so impressed with conversational hypnotherapy, it started with my issue but ended up somewhere I was not expecting and much deeper and needed to heal.

Thank you with all my heart Samala.

Cindy P.

Byron Bay, Australia
Business Owner

Samala was compassionate and caring throughout my hypnotherapy session. With her support and facilitation, I uncovered some unknown, I had to change barriers to change. Samala offered ongoing support and guidance after the session and follow up if I needed it.

Bonnie W.

Mullumbimby, Australia

I have recently last week had another session with Samala in Conversation Hypnotherapy it was for around 5 hours and it was honestly like going to therapy for 2yrs, With the deep stuff we uncovered and what we were able to identify I'm not sure I would have been able to even in therapy for 3 Yrs.

Samala the whole time was very present with me as I uncovered all these mental blocks I found and was very loving and caring. I really felt supported and cared for the whole 5 hours.

I would highly recommend this technique to anyone who wants to uncover what's holding them back in life and to finally get some answers from within.

It's amazing how it's all inside us. Anyway thanks again Samala, it was so good and I look forward to our next appointment.

Elly Young

New Zealand

During my rapid transformation conversational hypno session with Samala a few months ago...I was blown away by her attentive and supportive approach.

Samala intuitively knew what questions to ask to help me uncover the root of my old subconscious beliefs.
Which have been holding me back on my spiritual journey/ healing journey.

With her insightful questioning and deep listening skills, she helped me gain a clearer understanding of myself which has helped me embody my Higher Self.

Her compassionate guidance & her presence alone has helped me on my healing journey.

I highly recommend Samala to anyone seeking support and guidance on their own journey of self-discovery.

Thank you, Samala!


Los Angeles, USA

I Loved working with Samala! She has such a soothing voice and a powerful way of working with limiting beliefs. Helped me around my beliefs of not being enough for the big things I want to do in my business. Definitely recommend her work for limiting beliefs!

Erin Newman

Georgia, USA
Author & Life Coach

I really enjoy listening to my transformation audio every night. I believe that as long as I keep listening to my audio every night, I will slowly change my mindset for the better. Feel deep down it is already working.

Richard Coto

United States
Medical Professional

To know Samala is to know a compassionate, understanding and highly attuned individual. Her ability to help traverse life's challenges and to give language too difficult to process emotions is quite remarkable. Samala truly helped me unpack and transform several segments of my life holistically.

Lavanaya N.

Sydney, Australia

Samala's skill and experience is beyond her years. Coupled with her genuinely caring nature,

Samala is one of the best facilitators I've come across in years.

Since my session with Samala my neck has more ease, my confidence has improved and I'm taking better care of myself.

On top of that I have more positive energy than I've had 8 some years.

Les Black

Tweed Heads, Australia
Public Servant

I chose to work with you because I had great results in the past. I love your approach and I feel comfortable opening up to you. You have a beautiful aura and energy about you that is very healing. Your positive reinforcement and regular check-ins after the session are extremely supportive. I have not binged in approx 6-8 weeks which is amazing as it was a daily occurrence. You have transformed my life. You have an amazing gift and I am so grateful for all your help, love and support.

L. M.

Gold Coast, Australia

Dear Samala,

I cannot thank you enough for my life-changing hypnotherapy session. Having only seen hypnosis as a tool for comedy shows, I was a bit apprehensive. Yet, you were so calming and genuine that I quickly let go and fell into a state of trust.

My journey was so profound. I began to see and feel things that I didn't even know were an influence to my weight issues. I thought that my inability to lose weight was simply a “self-control” issue. Instead you guided me into parts of my subconscious that I had never accessed before.

I saw experiences from my childhood that all of a sudden “made sense.” You helped me see that my fear, my pain and my insecurity was now nothing more than programming that I could simply release. The only way that I can describe it is that you gave me “permission” to discard the emotions that go with it, which wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t trusted you so much.

You have a gift, my dear friend. A truly profound gift. I was so honoured to spend time with you. You wish to help people heal and you do so in such a loving and caring way. Authenticity like yours is a rarity and I hope that you have many opportunities to change the lives of those who are burdening themselves with unreleased trauma.

It has been 5 months since our session and I still feel light and unencumbered. You have helped me release my emotional attachment to food and I now make food choices that are healthy and nourishing.

The follow up recordings that you made for me are a constant re-affirmation of the work we did and I know that they are keeping my new trajectory going.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Thank you for being safe. Thank you for being such a loving person. May those who cross your path see your light and compassion and allow you to help them be the best versions of themselves.


Ann-Marie DeHerrera

California, USA

After having only 1 session I see a huge change in my eating behaviours. I haven't been binge eating since before the session (almost 2 months ago), I'm not constantly thinking about food and labelling foods good or bad, wondering how much I should eat or when I should eat. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting to see so much progress in only 1 session. I loved listening to the recording at night, it was so relaxing and put me right to sleep. I cannot wait to do another session!


South Carolina, USA
Medical Professional

I just wanted to let you know that I have been continuing to listen to your recording and it has completely changed my whole mindset. I have zero urge to binge and my entire relationship with food has changed. Words cannot express how grateful I am. You have changed my life.

I have fallen in love with my life and I feel so much self-love ❤️
Thanks again. I’m really keen to do some more work with you after the holidays.

5wks later…..

Thank you so much for the healing today Samala. I am blown away at how light I feel right now. I have had so many answers reveal themselves that I have been asking my whole life! Even right now things are popping up and I can solve and make sense of it. It’s as if the pieces of the puzzle have been put together.
I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with you. You are an amazing healer!

L. M.

Sydney, Australia
Personal Trainer

Thank you, Samala, I love the recording .... thank you for the loving portal to make the shift. I am feeling like I am preparing myself and viewing my upcoming surgery from a much more positive and beneficial space. I am going to sail through this unobstructed to a lovely tropical beach where I will heal and then play freely thank you 🙏🏼🥰xx

Sally S.

Byron Bay, Australia

I came to Samala for help in overcoming a phobia of speaking on the telephone and a panic reaction around hearing the phone ring.

Samala's calm and matter-of-fact manner made me feel comfortable immediately and I appreciated how she was able to understand and empathize with my problem.

Samala quickly and skillfully helped me piece together the root causes of my distress and transform the reactions into feelings of ease and comfort. What a relief!

The very next day, I had a phone call that I wasn't looking forward to but I didn't feel any panic or discomfort whatsoever- it was as if I had never had a phobia at all, amazing and liberating!

Thank you, Samala!


Christchurch, New Zealand

Overcoming a Fear of Surfing

My session with Samala 3 months ago has been absolutely life-changing. Learning to Surf has been my biggest passion, but after an accident 3 years ago my ‘take off’ fear became crippling and was getting progressively worse. I tried coaching and various methods to overcome this but nothing was working, which lead to huge frustration. When RTT was suggested, I was sceptical, but figured I had nothing to lose so entered into the therapy fairly open-minded but not convinced it would really work. During the last three months, my confidence and mindset have completely changed and I’ve got some of the best waves ever! I’m so so grateful and happy. Thank you, Samala

Sam Endell

Byron Bay, Australia

Overcoming a Fear of Needles

Thank you so much for today Samala. Honestly, it’s been so transformational already!! She has been so positive and exuberant all day and genuinely feels change already. I’m blown away. THANK YOU so so much. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

It’s been a beautiful journey to watch. I think it’s helping her in a few areas of her life. She seems to be more aware around and comfortable with setting boundaries. She just seems more confident in general. Even with me in communicating what she wants. I was taken aback a bit at first but I’m really proud of her. I'm really grateful. 🙏🏼

Mother of Sarah

Byron Bay, Australia
13 Year Old

The session I had with Samala was a truly transformative experience. She guided me with care and great skill to a place within where I experienced profound insights and a deeper understanding of myself.

The process has caused a shift within me that has left me feeling lighter, more peaceful and confident that I have made the personal changes that I needed to make.

Samala is a compassionate, intuitive therapist who I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking help to overcome personal issues or who is on a journey of self-improvement.

Emily Hruska

Melbourne, Australia

I had been struggling with feelings of guilt and resentment around being a mother for over six years before I heard about RTT. I can honestly say that my one session with Samala has changed my life. Through the hypnosis, I was able to pinpoint actual moments in my life which had set my beliefs into place. It also opened me up to realising that these were just beliefs and that they could be rewritten. With Samala’s amazing help that is exactly what has happened. Beliefs that I had held my whole life were turned on their head so that I now see myself in a totally different way.

Thank you, Samala, for your support and encouragement. I’m so glad that I was able to work with you.


Cardiff, UK

Thank you for all the emails you sent, they really encouraged me to keep going as I got worried that things weren’t changing at first. But I’ve kept up listening every day and I’ve seen great changes! I’m a lot calmer than I used to be, and I don’t stress about things as much because I feel confident I can do something about it - which is a massive thing for me. (And pretty important at the moment given the crazy restrictions we’re back to).

I hope you have a fabulous 2021. Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me. It has truly changed my life.


Wales, UK

Samala, I wish to thank you for such a life-changing session. I’ve been living with so much discourse for so, so many years.

Being recommended to you has been the most empowering gift I’ve been given. Thank you from all my insides for such a life-changing session of RTT with you. You really are magical. I literally can’t believe all my life’s issues have been eradicated.

Wish I had seen you years ago. I feel so free.


Byron Bay, Australia

I felt I should write to you, to let you know, how my life has changed so incredibly since I had my session with you.

I have been listening to your recording last thing at night, daily and sometimes in the morning, my main issue was with sleeping and I can now say can’t remember the last time I had a sleeping tablet, which had become a real problem, with almost being reliant on them for several years now.

I have also changed my diet completely to Vegan and given up alcohol and haven’t drunk a drink since, The New Year. I feel that I'm just dealing with my family and friends with my boundaries so much better, as recognise I have a need to please, to feel love. My relationships all around, have improved, and my confidence has improved.

I can’t thank you enough and keep up the great work you are doing, I can’t recommend you enough.

Emma G.

England & France

Words simply can't express the depth and all-encompassing power of a session with Samala.

I have experienced hypnotherapy before and though they were positive changes this takes it to a new level.

Profound, deeply relaxing and reawakening to the infinite ability for change that your mind, body and soul has is the closest to touching on the joyous transformational experience you have to look forward to.

Book in now! That about sums up any words needed. Except for Thank you
With all of my heart 💖

Tara R.

Byron Bay, Australia

I came across Samala a few months ago now and her impact on my situation has been life-changing. I went from relying on pain medication to cope to being able to actually smile after listening to the audio she did for me, with NO PAIN MEDS. Samala has changed my life with what she gave me and I could not recommend her more highly to anyone who wants to allow their mind to be in control of their body and future. Thank you Samala, you are a phenomenal healer who has a way with what you do that is so rare to find and I’m utterly blessed I came across you 🙏🏼❤️



I was really impressed with Samala's work. She is perceptive. My experience working with Samala has been transformative. Her caring and empathetic approach enabled me to discover a better way of thinking, feeling and living.

She takes the time to really understand your needs and tailors the approach to fit. Her kindness is genuine and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her to improve my quality of life. compassionate, and skilled.

She went above and beyond to support me at a time when I needed a method that felt personal. My favourite part of the process is the recording that Samala made for me.

It feels like a meditation that is perfectly suited to my needs. I recommend working with Samala, I have seen her work make a difference and I am convinced she will do her best to help you.

P. Mauday

Brisbane, Australia
Singer-Songwriter, Musician

I was lucky enough to Have Samala as my RTT hypnotherapist after I had an accident and needed surgery on my shoulder. Samala did an RTT session on me before the surgery and it was the recording that really got me through and I went into the surgery very confident!. After the surgery, she made another recording which was also brilliant.

Samala is a very gifted therapist and I would recommend her to anyone needing help.

Sally Hickey

New Zealand

Well well, I'm really amazed! I am gobsmacked that this one RTT SESSION has had such an impact on my mind so quickly. I just went to my car and was thinking how clear my head is .it's like one of my fuses has been taken out. the fuse that created the stressed fog I constantly lived with. I'd have breaks but it would always step up a lot ..ITS GONE!!!!!! It's like my hard drive has been washed clean and given a fresh start and everything has become so much simpler to deal with..and I'm under quite a bit of emotional strain but it's not affecting me..all the processing has been done I only had one more step to take and you made it possible for me with RTT..I would never have had that process happen with any other therapy. i know this.I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you ..


Byron Bay, Australia

The shift has been very deep and profound - I know because my reactions are coming from a much more grounded and knowing place. I now feel like the path is much more clear and more apparent backed with the ability to step forward, which I was really struggling with in the past as I would automatically think of the other person first no matter what - not myself - But after my session - myself has RISEN !!!!! She has come up equal to and is now always in the equation -And from a calm and collected space too.

I've probably had 2 times only in the past 3 weeks where I had an old reaction and observed it immediately and took a breath calmed myself within a few seconds and let it go.

I am so excited to take a breath of fresh air and dig deep and find what I have to offer as a person to other people -I have always thought I have something special to offer but never really found out what it was - THIS IS MY TIME
My night does not end until I have heard your voice in my inner sanctuary !!!!


Byron Bay, Australia

😊..Travelling along very nicely thank you. Feeling very balanced. Feeling very Zen. ha ha 🤣🤣..little me is still madly swinging her legs with glee hope she calms her farm she will exhaust herself .ha ha 😂😂..my reactions have noticeably changed I keep feeling a solid calm line in my mind before a response.I hope you have a lovely balanced day too.


Byron Bay, Australia

Week 3 for Simone

I AM AMAZINGLY CALM & FOCUSSED - NOT GETTING AGITATED AT ALL - THE SHIFTS HAVE BEEN QUITE MIRACULOUS - It feels like my centre core has been reset to my original default - Words can't even describe the instant response I have experienced in such a profound way. And smaller, more subtle shifts are occurring every day. I am able to hold fast to my decisions and feel empowered to back myself. So exciting and liberating to feel this inner flow of strength.

I love my recording and never miss it !!! I have “I am enough” on my bathroom mirror, fridge, everywhere. .


Byron Bay, Australia

Next Day for Simone

I have felt great since leaving - Uplifted, joyous and calm - very calm - I have had this joyous feeling of being back inside myself if that explains anything-

I also have this bubbling up feeling of excitement and this vision of my little rescued me literally sitting on my heart swinging her legs with happiness that she has been rescued and she is safe warm and secure. Its actually a very real physical feeling if that makes sense -

Feeling flashes of the old me before a lot of garbage piled on top of me. Haha...

I understand that its a process and that whatever happens next in the next month or so I will observe but not dwell or give food to or try and work out - Just acknowledge it and move forward with acceptance.(if its a negative thing) If it's positive I will bloody fertilise it with everything I've got ++


Byron Bay, Australia

Everything you read about Samala and what her RTT sessions offer is bang on word for word. I was sceptical that I would get all the results on offer BUT I HAD ALL THE RESULTS PLUS MORE THAN I COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED out of one session.

The effects are truly miraculous and I am still amazed at how clear and free my path ahead has become with a decluttered reaction from myself as my baggage from trauma is now gone.

So my reactions no longer are made with additional STUFF added from trauma in my hard drive. I can only explain it like your mind is reset to before you had the STUFF and your hard drive giving you answers to your questions is concise and clear.

All guilt is removed and you stand on your 2 feet completely empowered and strong in your thinking and not swayed any longer by others’ opinions.

Your yes should be a yes and your no should be a no - NOW MINE IS !!!! WITH QUIET CONVICTION TO TRUTH FOR MYSELF THAT I FEEL TO MY VERY CORE. RTT therapy is like no other - don't hesitate for even a second - your losing time on being your true self for possibly the first time in your adult life.

Luv me


Byron Bay, Australia

I tried Rapid Transformational Therapy with Samala when I was at my wit’s end with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (essentially PMS on steroids!).

I identified correctly that this problem was linked to trauma, rather than a hormonal issue. Essentially I was having abnormal responses to normal hormonal fluctuations because of my own childhood and recent traumas; it was as if I had PTSD symptoms that solely reared itself prior to my period each month.

The worst part to me was the huge blazing fights I would have with my partner over almost nothing, and the level of sorrow and despair I would frequently experience - sometimes I would be crying for days.

After a little bit of investigation online, I came across RTT as being a promising treatment option for PMDD; understanding that the pharmaceutical options available (the pill and antidepressants) would be a band aid approach at best, and possibly cause much more harm later down the track.

I found Samala with a quick google search and booked it straight away. I’ve done two sessions with her, six weeks apart, and diligently listened to the hypnotherapy tracks she recorded daily for a month after.

The sessions themselves felt very powerful and I was left fatigued for a couple of days after the first one- to me the sign of a very deep healing.

Whilst I didn’t get any instant euphoria, what I did experience over the course of the last two and a half months was a huge increase in confidence, happiness, inner peace, and positivity, and *my first PMDD-free menstrual cycle since the disorder began.

I almost didn’t think it would be possible to be free of PMDD, and here I am, less than three months later with a confidence that things will only get better and that it truly feels like a thing of the past.

I got so much more out of my RTT experiences than being rid of PMDD and I truly think that it has so much to offer all manner of conditions, since so much of what manifests in the body as disease and disorder is associated with trauma and held in the body, and RTT is and incredible tool at letting it out.

Samala is a wonderful, kind, compassionate and genuine person and practitioner and I’m extremely glad that I chose to give RTT with her a go.


Byron Bay, Australia

From the moment I first met Samala I felt safe.

I was offered a payment plan option with absolutely no judgment or hesitation.

She gently guided me through my PMDD healing with so much grace and absolutely no ego or pretentiousness. I knew she genuinely wanted to help me achieve my goal, and she did.

Samala has empowered me to know I am enough!

I am two weeks out of my 4 week healing journey with Samala and I have never felt more at peace with myself.

If you are looking to heal then I can honestly say you are in the right place!

Kirsty Quinlan

Melbourne, Australia

I’m reflecting back on my Rapid transformational therapy with Samala
for treating pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

I am amazed and thrilled with the results I have had. I’ve gone from just surviving to thriving.
I’ve gone from sadness and rage to reclaiming the joy in my life and I started off as a sceptic.

I think it is extraordinary that there is hope out there and I do hope that you give Samala a try, and you can share in the same amazing results that I have had. I can now call myself a previous sufferer of PMDD, I look forward to the future with hope and with joy and I feel like I have connected with my authentic self. and that healing has truly taken place, so definitely give Samala a go.


Melbourne, Australia

I just had an amazing with Samala, I couldn’t recommend her any more highly for anyone who is looking to do any type of work that is really deeply healing, I found that RTT session to be truly amazing, I was able to hit some red; pain points there and heal some trauma that wasn’t really obvious to me prior. and in that I'm feeling a lot more empowered to be able to cope with, what i need to cope with moving forward, Being able to integrate these new emotions into day-to-day life and use them as a tool so to speak, so being able to acknowledge, reflect and heal and then reset and refocus is something that I've experienced today. Thank you very much, that was truly really amazing.


Melbourne, Australia

I just had a 2nd session for business, as my first session gave such amazing tangible results. I met my partner.

I felt amazing on cloud 9 ☁️, I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve had.

In the journal entry the morning I met my partner I wrote “ I just feel happy, and have been consistently for ages, I’m feeling blown away, this feeling for me isn’t normal

Samala creates a really beautiful, safe environment for your healing journey

Good luck and go for it!

Amy G.

Sydney, Australia

I just wanted to message you to let you know I met a guy a few days after my session with you, and just in the past couple of weeks it turned into something, I knew after our first date he would be around for a while, I feel like he's been in my world for a long time, we have so many connections etc, but it wasn’t until i did the session, I figured out what I used to do and broke away a few more layers that we connected. It's pretty amazing and it all feels so right.

Thank you, it's been an amazing way to leave 2022, I still feel so much happier consistently, and with this happening on top, I feel like the session helped me so much.


Sydney, Australia
Event Manager

What a beautiful and true experience. First of all, I am thankful for having this experience and being truly healed within hours that will continue into weeks, months, and a lifetime.

The work that Samala does with you is accurate, real, and done with love which is the most important ingredient. You finish the session transformed and become again a human being filled with light and love.

Hypnotherapy is a tool that can help you heal at a faster pace but also understand your true nature and fears. During the session, you will first understand where all your pain comes from and then you will be guided and transformed into understanding and accepting the new you.

You come out as a new version of yourself while embracing all parts of your old and present self. I am very thankful and loving and highly recommend Samala!



Samala is perceptive, supportive and expertly skilled in re-wiring your mindset. I was a little dubious about hypnotherapy, but I am so glad I chose to give it a go, and so glad I chose Samala.

Sessions with Samala are unhurried, safe and so comfortable. The insights she guided me to discover were intense yet revelationary.

Samala helped me unwind deeply held false beliefs, and in their place re-form a more relaxed and assured foundation.

Give Samala a call, you'll be glad you did.

David J.

Sydney, Australia

I just wanted to show my gratitude and say thanks in person for the profound change You and your work have had on my life.

I’ve been in a loving, heartfelt relationship for about 6 months now, and I haven’t had one instance of feeling like I needed to run!

I’ve truly been able to deal with conflict that pops up so much better. And not that it pops up at all really! But when it has, there’s been no drama and I’ve actually been comfortable staying - even though this isn’t my house 🤔

And also for all the inspirational posts you put a lot of thought and time into.

#sograteful #blessedtohavemetyou

Frank R.

Melbourne, Australia
Life Coach

I had a hypnotherapy session with Samala because I had been suffering from anxiety since I can remember, I can't remember when it started, I've always had this anxiety in my chest, I've never had hypnosis before, I didn't know what to expect, she put me in a trance and we went back in time, she asked me lots of questions and I found out where the anxiety came from, it was a few places in my childhood, I was totally not aware of it, I had no idea that could even be connected to my anxiety, how things that happened in the past could be creating things that are happening now in my body, I was blown away. after the session instantly I felt the anxiety had gone, i didn't have it in my chest anymore, I could breathe, I felt good, then she gave me a transformational recording, which I listened to for 21 days, it cemented in the session, I've had no anxiety and i feel amazing, she also did a short Hypnotherapy session on me for happiness, and that really changed my life, I've transformed so much from having these 2 sessions with Samala, i highly recommend her.

Lucy Gallant

Maleny, Australia
Singer-Songwriter, Musician

My experience working with Samala has been transformative. Her caring and empathetic approach enabled me to discover a better way of thinking, feeling and living. She takes the time to really understand your needs and tailors the approach to fit. Her kindness is genuine and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her to improve my quality of life.

Paddy McHugh

Brisbane, Australia
Musician, Singer

I have tried a few different types of counselling/therapy over the years and have also studied traditional psychology at university. I have always been a bit sceptical of any kind of hypnotherapy but I was completely blown away by my 2 hour session with Samala.

What sets her apart is her obvious authenticity, care and empathy...you feel that you are with someone who “gets it” and is completely non-judgmental. She made me feel calm and safe which contributed to having a more successful hypnosis.

It is remarkable how rare that can be to feel safe and un judged within the field of counsellors and psychologists, especially the more traditional ones. She was genuinely concerned for my healing and the love and support she has consistently followed up with since the session blew me away!

The hypnosis itself was fascinating as it took me to buried memories I had not thought of for over 2 decades and I was able to understand exactly when and how certain faulty beliefs were formed. She recorded a 20 minute hypnosis for me in the session that was specifically created to address issues we uncovered in the session and I have used that hypnosis for 10 months since. It is definitely worth it.

Samala is a rare treasure of a therapist. Highly recommended.
Feel free to email me personally if you would like to ask me more questions or as about my session with her info@amandabloom.net

Amanda Bloom

Singer, Pianist

Samala's session is healing, relaxing and dispelled the myth of hypnotherapy for me.

She empowered me and transformed my life on a very subtle but very noticeable scale.

After only a few days my anxieties had subsided and I felt relaxed about issues that previously had me unconsciously tense.

A month has passed and I am still noticing subtle changes in my energy, breathing, thoughts and attitude.


London, UK

I couldn’t recommend Samala enough. It has truly changed me. My sleep, ohh my, I can sleep.Yay! Since seeing Samala I haven’t had anxiety. My self-esteem is so much better. You have a gift and I can not thank you enough 💚You’re an angel 😇


Byron Bay, Australia

I have had 3 sessions with Samala. Each session has been profound. She made my anxiety disappear in one session! I was amazed! She has given me confidence and I feel really good. She has a natural gift with hypnotherapy and I am sure it is her life purpose! I love the sound of her voice. It soothes me as I listen to the recordings. I highly recommend Samala. She has changed my life! I’m sure she will change yours too!

Lucy Gallant

Maleny, Australia
Singer-Songwriter, Musician

Samala is the most beautiful and compassionate hypnotherapist.
She absolutely changed my life! The recording and session helped me open up and attract the love I deserve. I cannot thank her enough for helping me become happy and vibrant.

Nadine N.

Brisbane, Australia
Neuroscience Student

Thank you for this amazing session. You helped me to see how I can move forward in life. I was concerned with using Zoom as I am on the other side of the world but you connected with me in all ways. I already feel free and I understand myself better.

I felt all the time that I was in safe hands and your warm approach put me at ease. I would really recommend you as a therapist. You are so professional and yet authentic. I thought you might be stiff and starchy but not at all!!

I am looking forward to my life, in a healthy body, and feeling better about things too. Thank you so much.

Lyn A.


I can't praise Samala enough. Her help was instrumental for me in overcoming issues from the past and making changes in my life. Her dedication to helping people achieve their positive outcomes is obvious and definitely helped me to mine.

After the first session I noticed immediate results which gained momentum as the weeks went on. After which I decided to "upgrade" as I realised this was going to have a profound impact on my life, and what I was receiving was invaluable and I couldn't possibly put a price on what I was gaining.

Thank you Samala! Looking forward to another session

Ben West

Casino, Australia

Samala came to my life towards the end of the final stages of a tough journey to complete me.

She brought me towards a deeper and a more restful conclusion to my Complex PTSD.
Helped me to become more rested with my own company.

There was nothing about my circumstances that was about me. Samala helped me to become more myself and rested with my own company.

Pete Williams

Byron Bay, Australia

Hi Samala -

lovely, this is great!! I have noticed my self-talk is soooo much kinder naturally. I feel much more at peace with myself and know how to speak to my inner child and bring myself back to those loving thoughts. I've even noticed that I'm more naturally motivated to work out and eat healthy and I think it's because I finally feel that I'm worthy of feeling good and being healthy (instead of viewing those things like a punishment)!

Even when things appear to go wrong (say I'm stressed at work or someone says something I don't like) I find that I'm not beating myself up for it too much - or if I start to, like I said, I am able to bring myself back to love much much quicker and not let the self-criticism seep in! It's like I am not attaching those words to my worth anymore. Thank you so much for everything. I am so glad I did this and now I know I (and your voice in my ear haha) have the power to change my subconscious beliefs.

Thank you!

Reese R.

New York, USA

Hi Samala,

I feel so different!!! I would have to say my session with you is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It was really powerful and exactly what I needed right at this point in my life. I am feeling strong and content with who I am and can see my confidence growing every day as well.

The week after my session, I did feel a sense of grief and it would come in waves, for what I experienced as a kid and the responsibility I took on with my parents divorce. It was an interesting grief process because I felt like I was grieving for a 3rd party. Recognising and seeing it from a different perspective for the first time, it felt like I wasn’t attached to it anymore but still feeling empathy for me as a kid.

This is a strange one, but I’ve never felt like a grown-up, I guess with a lack of confidence and feeling like I had nothing to offer, I’ve always felt like a kid, playing house and my kids are my dolls. That has gone now and I feel like an adult with plenty to offer. I have really noticed with my teaching Yoga, my confidence shines through. I’ve got some really complicated cases at the moment and I’m using my intuition and trusting myself for the first time and not doubting or second-guessing like I use to.

I’m listening to my recording every night, and its strange, but it feels like I hear something new every time I listen. I’ve not slept through the night since before my eldest daughter was born over 10 years ago. While my sleep isn’t perfect, I have had more nights than not, where I mostly sleep through the night. I might wake up, but very quickly I am back to sleep and then awake before my alarm goes off in the morning feeling well rested and energised to start the day. It feels great.

Heads up too, I’ve told plenty of people about you and so has my Mum.

I really appreciate you and what you have been able to do for me, it such a turning point in my life. Thank you so much.

Have a great week ahead and I look forward to checking in again soon.

Kind regards,

G. A.

Melbourne, Australia
Yoga Teacher

Thank you so much for such a wonderful session, I feel much better already! Below is my testimonial of our session:

Samala is an exceptional therapist and I thoroughly enjoyed my session with her. She made me feel so seen and heard. She listened intently to what I was saying and helped me uncover and understand what was holding me back. Samala is kind and empathic and made me feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. My session with her was very transformational and I am excited to see what future benefits it will have on my life. I highly recommend doing a RTT session with her. Also I love listening to the recording she made, the sound of her voice is so lovely and relaxing!

Looking forward to connecting again in the future :)



Dear Samala,

I just want to thank you for your skills, knowledge and words that have helped me so much- more than I ever expected- and importantly, I felt very safe and cared for during the hypnotherapy session, as well as before and after.
In the beginning, I thought it would be hard to make the time to listen to my recording day after day, but I really enjoyed the time out and felt relaxed and calm after each session. It has been a few months since I finished but I still listen to my recording now and then and still gain so much by doing so.

You have helped me so much with my anxieties and self-esteem. I have let go of a lot that was no longer serving me, I cannot recommend you enough to anyone that is thinking about talking this path, for whatever they need.


Byron Bay, Australia

Hi Samala,

Firstly, I just want to say THANK YOU! My session with you has truly changed my life. You helped me heal past traumas of mine and see with such clarity and find a new sense of self worth and love. You were truly amazing and so kind and supportive throughout the whole process. The session was so powerful and you have such a beautiful soul. Thank you so much, you really have made such a positive impact on my life, I am currently listening to the recording every night and can’t wait for continual change to keep coming but seriously after the session I felt an immediate shift. Feel so grateful to have met you.

Best Wishes


Byron Bay, Australia
Beauty Therapist

I really felt that this was such an amazing and powerful session,
I didn't have any idea what it would be like, I thought that we would just say affirmations but, going back to all those memories and just really genuinely letting them go, was amazing and I really felt that so much has been cleared out of the way and the dust has been cleared.

I really didn’t think it could happen, but I really felt during the session, like myself and I really felt that I found myself and I found the familiar feeling of what that is, what does it feel to feel like yourself.

I feel light weighted, it was such a wonderful and amazing experience. I've never had such an experience in my life and I really didn't think that it would be this wonderful, I'm so so grateful, I was just constantly thinking that I'm so grateful that I have found you and I really deeply appreciate it and I'm really really grateful .

And before all of this, like when all of this happened to me, I felt that I was like dead and I felt that I just stopped living and I was like, in the tunnel of just dying but, honestly, like during this session, this thing that came to my thought was that I can feel it. I just felt alive, and just felt that I was like, born again, and like I, I've been given another chance to live. And this is so amazing so, Thank you.

During the session I know you were just like connecting all of the dots to each other and when you were telling me the transformational recording and you were speaking, the one thing that was constantly like striking for me and coming to me was that oh my god, you're such a genius.

How do you do all of this, you must be a genius to like recognize all the problems and then say the things that just right at the point, I was really amazed and I really do think that you're such a genius person and you're such an amazing and wonderful person and you have like a really huge perspective and you really know what you're doing and you're so powerful, and, yeah, I am so grateful that I found you I am really really deeply grateful that I found you. So thank you so much.

And I was just thinking that this session was so valuable and it was actually invaluable and there is not a value that I could put on this and I wouldn't, I would never think that it would be so amazing and the amount of time you went through was a lot. I sent you a really long email, and I know that you have put so much time and consideration into this work and it's so, so valuable and there's not a price that I would or I could just put on it. So thank you.


Tehran, Iran
Medical Professional

I just wanted to send you the biggest, most heartfelt THANK YOU! You have helped me completely change my life and I feel like a completely different person from where I was 2 weeks ago. I am listening to my recording every night and some mornings when I have time and it has helped me so much!

I have been the busiest I have been in about a year and for once I am loving it, being excited for the things I get to do rather than being anxious and stressed in the lead up. I am managing what would have been previously been stressful situations in a completely different way. I feel calmer, more empowered and confident than I ever have. I have found I am able to speak up for myself and express myself in the moment without feeling worried or anxious and now I am able to do this I feel so much more comfortable and content to not be holding myself back all the time. I feel so different in the way I carry myself, in the way I teach and it just feels SO good :) I also find I am about to let things go so much more easily than in the past.

My partner can't believe how well I am managing stress and life in general. He has said it's made him so happy to see me so happy because it had been a long time since I had felt much like myself :)

I really can't thank you enough for your help and kindness - you really have given me back my life and in a way which is better than it ever had been. Can't believe it's only been 2 weeks! Excited to see how much further I can go in the coming weeks :) my fear of driving at night has also disappeared! It's really quite amazing.

Casey Vissenjoux

Byron Bay, Australia
Model & Yoga Teacher

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