Ann-Marie DeHerrera

Dear Samala,

I cannot thank you enough for my life-changing hypnotherapy session. Having only seen hypnosis as a tool for comedy shows, I was a bit apprehensive. Yet, you were so calming and genuine that I quickly let go and fell into a state of trust.

My journey was so profound. I began to see and feel things that I didn't even know were an influence to my weight issues. I thought that my inability to lose weight was simply a “self-control” issue. Instead you guided me into parts of my subconscious that I had never accessed before.

I saw experiences from my childhood that all of a sudden “made sense.” You helped me see that my fear, my pain and my insecurity was now nothing more than programming that I could simply release. The only way that I can describe it is that you gave me “permission” to discard the emotions that go with it, which wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t trusted you so much.

You have a gift, my dear friend. A truly profound gift. I was so honoured to spend time with you. You wish to help people heal and you do so in such a loving and caring way. Authenticity like yours is a rarity and I hope that you have many opportunities to change the lives of those who are burdening themselves with unreleased trauma.

It has been 5 months since our session and I still feel light and unencumbered. You have helped me release my emotional attachment to food and I now make food choices that are healthy and nourishing.

The follow up recordings that you made for me are a constant re-affirmation of the work we did and I know that they are keeping my new trajectory going.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Thank you for being safe. Thank you for being such a loving person. May those who cross your path see your light and compassion and allow you to help them be the best versions of themselves.


Tara R.

Words simply can't express the depth and all-encompassing power of a session with Samala.

I have experienced hypnotherapy before and though they were positive changes this takes it to a new level.

Profound, deeply relaxing and reawakening to the infinite ability for change that your mind, body and soul has is the closest to touching on the joyous transformational experience you have to look forward to.

Book in now! That about sums up any words needed. Except for Thank you
With all of my heart 💖

Emma G.

I felt I should write to you, to let you know, how my life has changed so incredibly since I had my session with you.

I have been listening to your recording last thing at night, daily and sometimes in the morning, my main issue was with sleeping and I can now say can’t remember the last time I had a sleeping tablet, which had become a real problem, with almost being reliant on them for several years now.

I have also changed my diet completely to Vegan and given up alcohol and haven’t drunk a drink since, The New Year. I feel that I'm just dealing with my family and friends with my boundaries so much better, as recognise I have a need to please, to feel love. My relationships all around, have improved, and my confidence has improved.

I can’t thank you enough and keep up the great work you are doing, I can’t recommend you enough.

Sally Hickey

I was lucky enough to Have Samala as my RTT hypnotherapist after I had an accident and needed surgery on my shoulder. Samala did an RTT session on me before the surgery and it was the recording that really got me through and I went into the surgery very confident!. After the surgery, she made another recording which was also brilliant.

Samala is a very gifted therapist and I would recommend her to anyone needing help.

P. Mauday

I was really impressed with Samala's work. She is perceptive. My experience working with Samala has been transformative. Her caring and empathetic approach enabled me to discover a better way of thinking, feeling and living.

She takes the time to really understand your needs and tailors the approach to fit. Her kindness is genuine and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her to improve my quality of life. compassionate, and skilled.

She went above and beyond to support me at a time when I needed a method that felt personal. My favourite part of the process is the recording that Samala made for me.

It feels like a meditation that is perfectly suited to my needs. I recommend working with Samala, I have seen her work make a difference and I am convinced she will do her best to help you.


I came across Samala a few months ago now and her impact on my situation has been life-changing. I went from relying on pain medication to cope to being able to actually smile after listening to the audio she did for me, with NO PAIN MEDS. Samala has changed my life with what she gave me and I could not recommend her more highly to anyone who wants to allow their mind to be in control of their body and future. Thank you Samala, you are a phenomenal healer who has a way with what you do that is so rare to find and I’m utterly blessed I came across you 🙏🏼❤️


I couldn’t recommend Samala enough. It has truly changed me. My sleep, ohh my, I can sleep.Yay! Since seeing Samala I haven’t had anxiety. My self-esteem is so much better. You have a gift and I can not thank you enough 💚You’re an angel 😇