Pete Kennedy

Beautiful People,I've had a couple of hypno sessions with Samala at different times, and having never experienced these before I was really looking forward to them!

Samala has such a beautiful and for me, a wondrous way that she took me through my 2 processes (so far) I gave my self permission to allow ME to just have a great experience, and both times they have been fantastic to say the least.

Even though I was feeling awake and aware, I came out of my sessions feeling very very grounded and actually, very peaceful within. Also feeling and experiencing a sense of ease aswell which is such a great feeling.
Throughout my life, in the past I don't have any conscious memories of remembering my dreams, perhaps just once a month...maybe, and for the last 2.5 weeks I have woken up and remembered my dreams every night, which has been a very new experience for me, very surreal.

I did not have any expectations about what I would receive and let go of from my sessions, and I am so pleasantly surprised!!!
ThankYOU soooo much Samala!

Bonnie W.

Samala was compassionate and caring throughout my hypnotherapy session. With her support and facilitation, I uncovered some unknown, I had to change barriers to change. Samala offered ongoing support and guidance after the session and follow up if I needed it.

Cindy P.

Yesterday with Samala I had an incredible transformation, a shift of shame and guilt that has been deep inside me for many many years.

After my session, I felt such relief and sitting in my vulnerability was so powerful. I have finally finished punishing myself.

A new Zing in my life. I feel freeeeee. I was so impressed with conversational hypnotherapy, it started with my issue but ended up somewhere I was not expecting and much deeper and needed to heal.

Thank you with all my heart Samala.

Lavanaya N.

To know Samala is to know a compassionate, understanding and highly attuned individual. Her ability to help traverse life's challenges and to give language too difficult to process emotions is quite remarkable. Samala truly helped me unpack and transform several segments of my life holistically.

Richard Coto

I really enjoy listening to my transformation audio every night. I believe that as long as I keep listening to my audio every night, I will slowly change my mindset for the better. Feel deep down it is already working.

Erin Newman

I Loved working with Samala! She has such a soothing voice and a powerful way of working with limiting beliefs. Helped me around my beliefs of not being enough for the big things I want to do in my business. Definitely recommend her work for limiting beliefs!


During my rapid transformation conversational hypno session with Samala a few months ago...I was blown away by her attentive and supportive approach.

Samala intuitively knew what questions to ask to help me uncover the root of my old subconscious beliefs.
Which have been holding me back on my spiritual journey/ healing journey.

With her insightful questioning and deep listening skills, she helped me gain a clearer understanding of myself which has helped me embody my Higher Self.

Her compassionate guidance & her presence alone has helped me on my healing journey.

I highly recommend Samala to anyone seeking support and guidance on their own journey of self-discovery.

Thank you, Samala!

Elly Young

I have recently last week had another session with Samala in Conversation Hypnotherapy it was for around 5 hours and it was honestly like going to therapy for 2yrs, With the deep stuff we uncovered and what we were able to identify I'm not sure I would have been able to even in therapy for 3 Yrs.

Samala the whole time was very present with me as I uncovered all these mental blocks I found and was very loving and caring. I really felt supported and cared for the whole 5 hours.

I would highly recommend this technique to anyone who wants to uncover what's holding them back in life and to finally get some answers from within.

It's amazing how it's all inside us. Anyway thanks again Samala, it was so good and I look forward to our next appointment.

Les Black

Samala's skill and experience is beyond her years. Coupled with her genuinely caring nature,

Samala is one of the best facilitators I've come across in years.

Since my session with Samala my neck has more ease, my confidence has improved and I'm taking better care of myself.

On top of that I have more positive energy than I've had 8 some years.


Samala, I wish to thank you for such a life-changing session. I’ve been living with so much discourse for so, so many years.

Being recommended to you has been the most empowering gift I’ve been given. Thank you from all my insides for such a life-changing session of RTT with you. You really are magical. I literally can’t believe all my life’s issues have been eradicated.

Wish I had seen you years ago. I feel so free.