Everything you read about Samala and what her RTT sessions offer is bang on word for word. I was sceptical that I would get all the results on offer BUT I HAD ALL THE RESULTS PLUS MORE THAN I COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED out of one session.

The effects are truly miraculous and I am still amazed at how clear and free my path ahead has become with a decluttered reaction from myself as my baggage from trauma is now gone.

So my reactions no longer are made with additional STUFF added from trauma in my hard drive. I can only explain it like your mind is reset to before you had the STUFF and your hard drive giving you answers to your questions is concise and clear.

All guilt is removed and you stand on your 2 feet completely empowered and strong in your thinking and not swayed any longer by others’ opinions.

Your yes should be a yes and your no should be a no - NOW MINE IS !!!! WITH QUIET CONVICTION TO TRUTH FOR MYSELF THAT I FEEL TO MY VERY CORE. RTT therapy is like no other - don't hesitate for even a second - your losing time on being your true self for possibly the first time in your adult life.

Luv me


Next Day for Simone

I have felt great since leaving - Uplifted, joyous and calm - very calm - I have had this joyous feeling of being back inside myself if that explains anything-

I also have this bubbling up feeling of excitement and this vision of my little rescued me literally sitting on my heart swinging her legs with happiness that she has been rescued and she is safe warm and secure. Its actually a very real physical feeling if that makes sense -

Feeling flashes of the old me before a lot of garbage piled on top of me. Haha...

I understand that its a process and that whatever happens next in the next month or so I will observe but not dwell or give food to or try and work out - Just acknowledge it and move forward with acceptance.(if its a negative thing) If it's positive I will bloody fertilise it with everything I've got ++


Week 3 for Simone

I AM AMAZINGLY CALM & FOCUSSED - NOT GETTING AGITATED AT ALL - THE SHIFTS HAVE BEEN QUITE MIRACULOUS - It feels like my centre core has been reset to my original default - Words can't even describe the instant response I have experienced in such a profound way. And smaller, more subtle shifts are occurring every day. I am able to hold fast to my decisions and feel empowered to back myself. So exciting and liberating to feel this inner flow of strength.

I love my recording and never miss it !!! I have “I am enough” on my bathroom mirror, fridge, everywhere. .


😊..Travelling along very nicely thank you. Feeling very balanced. Feeling very Zen. ha ha 🤣🤣..little me is still madly swinging her legs with glee hope she calms her farm she will exhaust herself .ha ha 😂😂 reactions have noticeably changed I keep feeling a solid calm line in my mind before a response.I hope you have a lovely balanced day too.


The shift has been very deep and profound - I know because my reactions are coming from a much more grounded and knowing place. I now feel like the path is much more clear and more apparent backed with the ability to step forward, which I was really struggling with in the past as I would automatically think of the other person first no matter what - not myself - But after my session - myself has RISEN !!!!! She has come up equal to and is now always in the equation -And from a calm and collected space too.

I've probably had 2 times only in the past 3 weeks where I had an old reaction and observed it immediately and took a breath calmed myself within a few seconds and let it go.

I am so excited to take a breath of fresh air and dig deep and find what I have to offer as a person to other people -I have always thought I have something special to offer but never really found out what it was - THIS IS MY TIME
My night does not end until I have heard your voice in my inner sanctuary !!!!


Well well, I'm really amazed! I am gobsmacked that this one RTT SESSION has had such an impact on my mind so quickly. I just went to my car and was thinking how clear my head is .it's like one of my fuses has been taken out. the fuse that created the stressed fog I constantly lived with. I'd have breaks but it would always step up a lot ..ITS GONE!!!!!! It's like my hard drive has been washed clean and given a fresh start and everything has become so much simpler to deal with..and I'm under quite a bit of emotional strain but it's not affecting me..all the processing has been done I only had one more step to take and you made it possible for me with RTT..I would never have had that process happen with any other therapy. i know this.I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you ..


I tried Rapid Transformational Therapy with Samala when I was at my wit’s end with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (essentially PMS on steroids!).

I identified correctly that this problem was linked to trauma, rather than a hormonal issue. Essentially I was having abnormal responses to normal hormonal fluctuations because of my own childhood and recent traumas; it was as if I had PTSD symptoms that solely reared itself prior to my period each month.

The worst part to me was the huge blazing fights I would have with my partner over almost nothing, and the level of sorrow and despair I would frequently experience - sometimes I would be crying for days.

After a little bit of investigation online, I came across RTT as being a promising treatment option for PMDD; understanding that the pharmaceutical options available (the pill and antidepressants) would be a band aid approach at best, and possibly cause much more harm later down the track.

I found Samala with a quick google search and booked it straight away. I’ve done two sessions with her, six weeks apart, and diligently listened to the hypnotherapy tracks she recorded daily for a month after.

The sessions themselves felt very powerful and I was left fatigued for a couple of days after the first one- to me the sign of a very deep healing.

Whilst I didn’t get any instant euphoria, what I did experience over the course of the last two and a half months was a huge increase in confidence, happiness, inner peace, and positivity, and *my first PMDD-free menstrual cycle since the disorder began.

I almost didn’t think it would be possible to be free of PMDD, and here I am, less than three months later with a confidence that things will only get better and that it truly feels like a thing of the past.

I got so much more out of my RTT experiences than being rid of PMDD and I truly think that it has so much to offer all manner of conditions, since so much of what manifests in the body as disease and disorder is associated with trauma and held in the body, and RTT is and incredible tool at letting it out.

Samala is a wonderful, kind, compassionate and genuine person and practitioner and I’m extremely glad that I chose to give RTT with her a go.


I’m reflecting back on my Rapid transformational therapy with Samala
for treating pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

I am amazed and thrilled with the results I have had. I’ve gone from just surviving to thriving.
I’ve gone from sadness and rage to reclaiming the joy in my life and I started off as a sceptic.

I think it is extraordinary that there is hope out there and I do hope that you give Samala a try, and you can share in the same amazing results that I have had. I can now call myself a previous sufferer of PMDD, I look forward to the future with hope and with joy and I feel like I have connected with my authentic self. and that healing has truly taken place, so definitely give Samala a go.

Kirsty Quinlan

From the moment I first met Samala I felt safe.

I was offered a payment plan option with absolutely no judgment or hesitation.

She gently guided me through my PMDD healing with so much grace and absolutely no ego or pretentiousness. I knew she genuinely wanted to help me achieve my goal, and she did.

Samala has empowered me to know I am enough!

I am two weeks out of my 4 week healing journey with Samala and I have never felt more at peace with myself.

If you are looking to heal then I can honestly say you are in the right place!