L. M.

I chose to work with you because I had great results in the past. I love your approach and I feel comfortable opening up to you. You have a beautiful aura and energy about you that is very healing. Your positive reinforcement and regular check-ins after the session are extremely supportive. I have not binged in approx 6-8 weeks which is amazing as it was a daily occurrence. You have transformed my life. You have an amazing gift and I am so grateful for all your help, love and support.

L. M.

I just wanted to let you know that I have been continuing to listen to your recording and it has completely changed my whole mindset. I have zero urge to binge and my entire relationship with food has changed. Words cannot express how grateful I am. You have changed my life.

I have fallen in love with my life and I feel so much self-love ❤️
Thanks again. I’m really keen to do some more work with you after the holidays.

5wks later…..

Thank you so much for the healing today Samala. I am blown away at how light I feel right now. I have had so many answers reveal themselves that I have been asking my whole life! Even right now things are popping up and I can solve and make sense of it. It’s as if the pieces of the puzzle have been put together.
I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with you. You are an amazing healer!


After having only 1 session I see a huge change in my eating behaviours. I haven't been binge eating since before the session (almost 2 months ago), I'm not constantly thinking about food and labelling foods good or bad, wondering how much I should eat or when I should eat. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting to see so much progress in only 1 session. I loved listening to the recording at night, it was so relaxing and put me right to sleep. I cannot wait to do another session!

Emily Hruska

The session I had with Samala was a truly transformative experience. She guided me with care and great skill to a place within where I experienced profound insights and a deeper understanding of myself.

The process has caused a shift within me that has left me feeling lighter, more peaceful and confident that I have made the personal changes that I needed to make.

Samala is a compassionate, intuitive therapist who I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking help to overcome personal issues or who is on a journey of self-improvement.

G. A.

Hi Samala,

I feel so different!!! I would have to say my session with you is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It was really powerful and exactly what I needed right at this point in my life. I am feeling strong and content with who I am and can see my confidence growing every day as well.

The week after my session, I did feel a sense of grief and it would come in waves, for what I experienced as a kid and the responsibility I took on with my parents divorce. It was an interesting grief process because I felt like I was grieving for a 3rd party. Recognising and seeing it from a different perspective for the first time, it felt like I wasn’t attached to it anymore but still feeling empathy for me as a kid.

This is a strange one, but I’ve never felt like a grown-up, I guess with a lack of confidence and feeling like I had nothing to offer, I’ve always felt like a kid, playing house and my kids are my dolls. That has gone now and I feel like an adult with plenty to offer. I have really noticed with my teaching Yoga, my confidence shines through. I’ve got some really complicated cases at the moment and I’m using my intuition and trusting myself for the first time and not doubting or second-guessing like I use to.

I’m listening to my recording every night, and its strange, but it feels like I hear something new every time I listen. I’ve not slept through the night since before my eldest daughter was born over 10 years ago. While my sleep isn’t perfect, I have had more nights than not, where I mostly sleep through the night. I might wake up, but very quickly I am back to sleep and then awake before my alarm goes off in the morning feeling well rested and energised to start the day. It feels great.

Heads up too, I’ve told plenty of people about you and so has my Mum.

I really appreciate you and what you have been able to do for me, it such a turning point in my life. Thank you so much.

Have a great week ahead and I look forward to checking in again soon.

Kind regards,