Do you feel guilt, shame, disconnected from family, anger, rage, or sadness, and find that nothing seems to work, no matter what you try? You are not alone.

Find fast and permanent relief from PMDD with my special hypnotherapy program

Living with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) can be tough, as it deeply affects your daily life and relationships. Dealing with severe symptoms like mood swings, irritability, anger, rage, anxiety, fatigue, shame, guilt, and sadness can make even the simplest tasks feel overwhelming.

However, with the right support and healing, you can overcome PMDD symptoms and lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Samala’s unique program is here to help you on your journey. By combining RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy), somatic hypnotherapy, healing techniques, and conversational hypnosis, you can start feeling free, joyful, and happy again.

My hypnotherapy approach focuses on healing the emotional pain that contributes to PMDD, while rapidly rewiring your brain’s neural pathways for lasting, transformative healing. It works by helping you understand and release the emotional pain that surfaces with your hormone fluctuations before your menstrual cycle.

Mood Swings & Fluctuations

Fluctuating emotions from PMDD can be draining. Hypnotherapy extracts the weeds, clears pain, fosters forgiveness, reprograms the mind, and restores balance and freedom.

Anger & Irritability

Hormone fluctuations before your cycle amplifies unresolved trauma, causing pain, anger, and rage. Hypnotherapy helps replaces these negative beliefs to bring you relief.

Find relief and regain your joy with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) for Anxiety and Depression in Melbourne, Brisbane, NSW, Sydney, and Australia.

Anxiety & Depression

Break free from PMDD-related anxiety and depression with Samala’s unique hypnotherapy program. Uncover and resolve root causes and learn tools to improve your well-being.

Guilt & Shame

Letting go of guilt and shame, which is like a heavy weight holding you back in life.

Experience the transformative power of integrative hypnotherapy with a trusted specialist

Hi, I’m Samala Austin. As a triple-certified hypnotherapist, I specialise in using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®), Somatic Hypnotherapy, and Conversational Hypnotherapy to help my clients overcome a wide-range of difficult challenges from PMDD and PMT that impairs your ability to live life to its fullest.

RTT® is a revolutionary technique that naturally re-codes and rewires one’s neural pathways giving you access to the most amazing version of yourself. Somatic hypnosis is designed to activate your neurology and release pain (emotional and physical). Conversational Therapy, when you are truly listened to you listen to yourself more closely.

My heartfelt mission is to help you achieve your optimal well-being by illuminating the underlying emotional and psychological factors that trigger your symptoms.

I create an empathetic, compassionate, and safe space in my sessions to ensure I deeply understand your unique needs, leading to the most extraordinary and lasting results. The powerful efficacy of my work attracts people from all across the globe seeking a life of true freedom and joy.

Elevate your life with Samala’s integrative hypnotherapy program and start your transformation journey

Join my 6-week advanced transformational program and experience freedom from PMDD without any medication or surgery.

Week Two

  • 1x 30-Min Emotional Releasing & Integrating Hypnosis Session
  • 1x 30-Min In-Depth Personal Healing Hypnosis, Live & Recorded For You To Keep

Week Five

1x 2 Hour Somatic Hypnosis Session

Week Six

Conversational Hypnosis

“I am amazed and thrilled with the results I have had. I’ve gone from just surviving to thriving. I went from feeling sadness and rage to reclaiming the joy in my life, even though I started off as a skeptic.

I think it’s extraordinary that there is hope out there, and I hope you try Samala and experience the same amazing results I did. I can now call myself a former sufferer of PMDD, and I look forward to the future with hope, joy, and a sense of connection with my authentic self. Healing has truly taken place, so give Samala a try.”


Teacher, Melbourne

What you can expect from an integrative transformative therapy session with me

I understand that dealing with PMDD can be a difficult and painful journey. That’s why I’m here to provide you with the support you need to break through and overcome the symptoms. Here’s what you can expect from a session with me:


Discovering your Deepest Desires

During our first hour together, we'll spend some time together exploring your intuition and getting to know you. Our conversation will focus on understanding your unique needs and goals, so I can tailor a powerful session and transformation for you.


Accessing the Subconscious

During the hypnotherapy sessions, we'll access your subconscious mind safely and in a controlled environment. We'll identify the 3-4 scenes that may be holding you back and explore the root cause of your PMDD. Together, we'll work to give new meaning to your pain and let go of past traumas.


Self-Forgiveness, Inner Child, Integration and Healing

Forgiving yourself can be one of the most challenging parts of the journey, but it's also one of the most important. Throughout the session, I'll bring in a robust forgiveness process plus inner child integration to help you release any grudges or resentment that may be holding you back. I'll provide you with supportive and loving suggestions that are aligned with what you want for yourself and your life.


Personalised Hypnosis Recording

I want to ensure your transformational work continues even after the session ends. That's why I'll provide you with a personalised hypnosis recording with beautiful chakra healing music to reinforce the positive beliefs we created together. You'll listen to it for a month.


Ongoing Support

Healing is a continuous process, and I'm committed to supporting you throughout your journey. After the first session, I'll send you weekly encouraging and supportive emails. You're welcome to contact me anytime you need help or have a question, and we'll have a 30-minute debrief call at the end of the month.

How does hypnotherapy help with PMDD?

Accesses the Unconscious Mind

By accessing the unconscious mind, hypnotherapy uncovers the root causes of negative patterns and beliefs.

Addresses Root Causes & Emotions

Hypnotherapy reprograms the mind to replace these negative patterns with empowering ones.

Alleviate & Prevent Symptoms

With Hypnotherapy, you can break free from mental blocks and confidently move towards your goals.

"I just wanted to send you the biggest, most heartfelt thank you! You have helped me completely change my life and I feel like a completely different person from where I was 2 weeks ago. I am listening to my recording every night and some mornings when I have time and it has helped me so much!”


Teacher, Melbourne

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