Understanding and freedom around an issue is yours by the end of just a single RTT session. Experience life-changing healing today.

Unlock your full potential through fast and permanent transformation with RTT® and somatic hypnotherapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful and transformative form of hypnotherapy that helps individuals overcome limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and emotional blockages. This cutting-edge therapy combines the best of hypnotherapy, neuroscience, and psychotherapy to provide rapid and lasting change.

Created by Marisa Peer, RTT is well-known for its efficiency in discovering the root cause of a patient’s issue and alleviating them permanently. RTT rapidly rewires the neural pathways of the brain, replacing out-dated beliefs and negative patterns of behaviour to deliver unparalleled healing.

Samala combines RTT, Somatic hypnotherapy, and her years of studying many different modalities and methods giving you an even deeper and more powerful healing journey.

Discover the compassionate guidance of Samala Austin, an esteemed RTT therapist in Australia, as she helps clients unlock their potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve profound personal growth.

Guilt & Shame

Letting go of guilt and shame, which is like a heavy weight holding you back in life.

Transform Imposter Syndrome with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) by Samala Austin, an RTT Therapist in Australia.

Imposter Syndrome

You're not a fraud and you are amazing. Together, we'll tackle imposter syndrome by discovering the truth about your abilities and worth.

Find relief and regain your joy with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) for Anxiety and Depression in Melbourne, Brisbane, NSW, Sydney, and Australia.

Anxiety & Depression

Experience long-lasting relief from anxiety and depression by addressing and reframing your underlying harmful thoughts and behaviours.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Boost your confidence and self-esteem by rebuilding a positive self-image and recognising your strengths through my unique healing journey.


Break the cycle of self-sabotage by uncovering and changing the self-defeating beliefs and behaviors that tear you down for good.

Entertainment Industry

Conquer the stage and performance anxiety by building self-confidence and getting in touch with your shadow with my integrative hypnotherapy sessions.

Fears & Phobias

Don't let fear hold you back from living your life. My unique approach helps you face and overcome fears by identifying and resolving the root causes.

Love & Relationships

Overcome fear of love, heal your broken heart, stop sabotaging relationships, break dysfunctional dating patterns by repeatedly choosing the wrong person for you, regain confidence, self worth and self love, feeling safe to receive the love you deserve..

Experience the Healing Power of Rapid Transformational Therapy with a Trusted Hypnotherapist

HI, I’m Samala Austin. As a triple-certified hypnotherapist, I specialise in using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) to help my clients overcome a wide-range of difficult challenges that impair their ability to live life to its fullest. RTT® is a revolutionary technique that naturally re-codes and rewires one’s neural pathways giving you access to the most amazing version of yourself.

My heartfelt mission is to help you achieve your optimal well-being by illuminating the subconscious blocks that hinder you from reaching your highest potential.

I create an empathetic, compassionate, and safe space in my sessions to ensure I deeply understand your unique needs, leading to the most extraordinary and lasting results. The powerful efficacy of my work attracts people from all across the globe seeking a life of true freedom and joy.

About Me

Elevate Your Life with RTT: Choose Your Transformation Journey

Advanced RTT

Deep Freedom Within

  • 1x 60-Min Intuitive Coaching Session to Tune into the Transformation & Future You Desire
  • 1x Pre-Session Relaxation Hypnosis Recording
  • 1x* 3-Hour Deep Transformational Hypnotherapy session (Session Includes Healing & Powerful Letting Go Process)
  • 1x Personalised Detailed Intuitive Rewiring Hypnosis Recording, with Chakra Healing Music
  • 1x 30-Min Debrief Session Over Zoom
  • 7x Motivational Supportive Emails
  • 24/7 WhatsApp & Email Support if Needed

* Depending on your needs, you may need a second or third RTT session.

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Advanced RTT+

Peel Off More Layers & Go Deeper

Includes everything in Advanced RTT and more.

  • 1x RTT Integrative Session
  • 1x Conversational Trance Session


  • 1x RTT integrative Session
  • 1x Somatic Hypnotherapy Session
  • 1x Conversational Hypnotherapy

I will tailor your healing journey for you with a combination of integrative hypnotherapy sessions, psychosomatic neuromodulation, conversational hypnosis, and coaching.

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Hypnotherapy Recordings

Tailored to Your Needs

Do you want a NEW, detailed, personalised, and transformational hypnotherapy recording to help you keep stretching your mind with the positive mindset of your choice?

If you feel like you are not yet ready for another session but would like a new recording, this option will suit you.

  • 1x 60-Min Tune-In Session
  • 1x 20-Min Rewiring Recording with Chakra Healing Music
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“Samala is perceptive, supportive and expertly skilled in re-wiring your mindset. I was a little dubious about hypnotherapy, but I am so glad I chose to give it a go, and so glad I chose Samala.”

David J.

Lost Love, Australia

Synergising Somatic Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy for unparalleled well-being

In my practice, I blend the power of Somatic Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to offer you the quickest and most effective path to mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Somatic Hypnotherapy is not just about coping; it’s about transformative healing through neuro-linguistic modulation—speaking to your subconscious in a unique, metaphorical language that triggers emotional and physiological responses simultaneously.

Using a neuroscientific approach that incorporates hypnosis, NLP, and neuromodulation, I guide you step-by-step in unlocking and releasing emotional and physical pain. You’ll learn how to use your body, breath, and imagination to clear blockages and discard underlying reasons for your discomfort or illness. This scientifically-backed, holistic strategy engages your neurology in unprecedented ways, allowing you to reclaim your life fully and effectively.

How does RTT work?

Accesses the Unconscious Mind

By accessing the unconscious mind, RTT uncovers the root causes of negative patterns and beliefs.

Reprograms Negative Patterns & Beliefs

RTT reprograms the mind to replace these negative patterns with empowering ones.

Frees Yourself from Mental Blocks

With RTT, you can break free from mental blocks and confidently move towards your goals.

“Samala Austin is indeed an exceptional therapist, one of the world's best! In RTT, she has helped me finding the root cause of my stuck thought pattern on certain issues in my life, and bring me back to my own power to nourish the inner child within me.”

Valencia Dualis

Dental Surgeon, Malaysia

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Ready to break free from negative patterns and beliefs? Take the first step towards transformative change with Samala Austin, an advanced RTT therapist in Australia. Book a free non-obligation hypnotherapy session and start your journey towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RTT can transform almost anything for most people. I have a particular interest in helping clients to transform anxiety, low confidence and self esteem, PMDD/PMT, Feeling not enough, guilt, shame – helping you feel happier in yourself, powerful and good enough.

Each Rapid Transformational Therapy session lasts between 2 to 3 hours. For that reason, we ask you block off a full 3 hours in your calendar to make sure you’re not rushed.

Hypnosis is simply a deep relaxation of the nervous system. It is a pleasant, voluntary state of attentive concentration and focus, and you are aware throughout. You are always in control. You are completely safe. There is nothing scary about it, no-one can make you do anything in hypnosis you wouldn’t ordinarily do. You know where you are at all times and you can bring yourself out of it at any time.

The experience feels different for everyone. Some people feel a floating sensation, others may feel sleepy. Some people say it feels like daydreaming. For most people it is a feeling of being physically, mentally and emotionally relaxed and at ease. In itself, it is a very healing, relaxing experience.

What’s most important is to know that how you feel isn’t an indicator of how effective it is. Regardless of what it feels like – it’s working. I promise.

No! That’s an old wive’s tale. You have complete control the whole time. You can talk, move your body, get a tissue, even get up and leave (I’ve had clients who had to stop to pee before!). If our call gets disconnected you may drift into sleep if you’re really relaxed, but eventually you’ll notice that you’re not hearing my voice and open your eyes.

Hypnosis is a normal, naturally occurring, healthy state of mind. It’s not magic – it’s science .

It works by creating a burst of theta brain waves that occur like when you are in REM stage in sleep, & allows you to access the storehouse of information that lies in the subconscious mind. In this deep subconscious level the inner mind is more receptive to acceptable, beneficial suggestions to reprogram, re-wire, and re-imprint any negative thoughts, and behaviours. When in hypnosis, the conscious mind (that distractible, busy, critical, analytical part of the mind) takes a rest. It’s very easy and anyone can do it. The depth that people reach varies between individuals. It is not necessary to achieve a very deep level of hypnosis to get results & bring about change. What’s most important is to know that regardless of what it feels like – it’s working!

A single session can achieve powerful results for a range of issues. More complicated issues and conditions may require up to three or more RTT sessions. Unlike typical talk therapy, we work out the root of your “problem” in a single session, saving you time and rapidly transforming your life.