Casey Vissenjoux

Hi, I’m Casey and I’ve had both “Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy” and “Conversational Hypnotherapy” with Samala, both therapies have really helped me in my healing journey.

Mainly with anxiety, but then most recently also just starting to get clarity around different areas in my life.

The “Conversational Hypnotherapy” I felt just undid all of these little knots that I had in my mind, and made me realise that the things, I was creating as problems actually weren’t issues in my life, when we got back to the root of all of them, and I’ve found that both of these therapies have really helped me get to the root of the different issues in my life, and the anxiety I was experiencing, and since having that awareness, its really allowed me to live my life more fully, and from a place that is more clear and calm, and really just taking the time to do the things that I really want to do, rather than feeling held back all the time.

So if you are thinking about working with Samala, you definitely should book a session with her.

I feel like out of everything I’ve ever really tried Samala’s helped me the most

Thank you