Sheree Frank

The intake conversation alone cut to the core issues underlying a year of chronic pain and impacted the sensations in my body. She achieved what months of medical tests and healing modalities had failed to do.

Sam Endell

Overcoming a Fear of Surfing

My session with Samala 3 months ago has been absolutely life-changing. Learning to Surf has been my biggest passion, but after an accident 3 years ago my ‘take off’ fear became crippling and was getting progressively worse. I tried coaching and various methods to overcome this but nothing was working, which lead to huge frustration. When RTT was suggested, I was sceptical, but figured I had nothing to lose so entered into the therapy fairly open-minded but not convinced it would really work. During the last three months, my confidence and mindset have completely changed and I’ve got some of the best waves ever! I’m so so grateful and happy. Thank you, Samala


I came to Samala for help in overcoming a phobia of speaking on the telephone and a panic reaction around hearing the phone ring.

Samala's calm and matter-of-fact manner made me feel comfortable immediately and I appreciated how she was able to understand and empathize with my problem.

Samala quickly and skillfully helped me piece together the root causes of my distress and transform the reactions into feelings of ease and comfort. What a relief!

The very next day, I had a phone call that I wasn't looking forward to but I didn't feel any panic or discomfort whatsoever- it was as if I had never had a phobia at all, amazing and liberating!

Thank you, Samala!

Sally S.

Thank you, Samala, I love the recording .... thank you for the loving portal to make the shift. I am feeling like I am preparing myself and viewing my upcoming surgery from a much more positive and beneficial space. I am going to sail through this unobstructed to a lovely tropical beach where I will heal and then play freely thank you 🙏🏼🥰xx

Mother of Sarah

Overcoming a Fear of Needles

Thank you so much for today Samala. Honestly, it’s been so transformational already!! She has been so positive and exuberant all day and genuinely feels change already. I’m blown away. THANK YOU so so much. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

It’s been a beautiful journey to watch. I think it’s helping her in a few areas of her life. She seems to be more aware around and comfortable with setting boundaries. She just seems more confident in general. Even with me in communicating what she wants. I was taken aback a bit at first but I’m really proud of her. I'm really grateful. 🙏🏼


Samala, I wish to thank you for such a life-changing session. I’ve been living with so much discourse for so, so many years.

Being recommended to you has been the most empowering gift I’ve been given. Thank you from all my insides for such a life-changing session of RTT with you. You really are magical. I literally can’t believe all my life’s issues have been eradicated.

Wish I had seen you years ago. I feel so free.


Thank you for all the emails you sent, they really encouraged me to keep going as I got worried that things weren’t changing at first. But I’ve kept up listening every day and I’ve seen great changes! I’m a lot calmer than I used to be, and I don’t stress about things as much because I feel confident I can do something about it - which is a massive thing for me. (And pretty important at the moment given the crazy restrictions we’re back to).

I hope you have a fabulous 2021. Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me. It has truly changed my life.


I had been struggling with feelings of guilt and resentment around being a mother for over six years before I heard about RTT. I can honestly say that my one session with Samala has changed my life. Through the hypnosis, I was able to pinpoint actual moments in my life which had set my beliefs into place. It also opened me up to realising that these were just beliefs and that they could be rewritten. With Samala’s amazing help that is exactly what has happened. Beliefs that I had held my whole life were turned on their head so that I now see myself in a totally different way.

Thank you, Samala, for your support and encouragement. I’m so glad that I was able to work with you.