In this episode we dive into a relatively new tool, RTT, which supports neural reprogramming in record time This episode’s guest, Samala, is the first person I reached out to when I decided I wanted to start a podcast. Needless to say, it was a complete honour to interview Samala! In this episode we discuss: -How Samala found RTT, and why she decided to pursue it after having been exposed to personal and spiritual development from a young age growing up in a spiritual Australian religion; -How to Universe conspired, and just like she was told in a mediumship reading, RTT “fell right into her lap”; -What RTT, how it works and what it can be used for; -Examples of RTT has helped to heal and transform the lives of Samala’s clients; -Specifically how RTT can be used to support women suffering from infertility or struggling to get pregnant, and how it can be used with children; -Samala shares her very real and vulnerable ‘dark night of the soul’ story that makes her so relatable, and likely will lead to an amazing novel or movie some day; and -Samala shares a customize hypnosis for the listeners to support manifestation.

Samala’s Book Recommendations: Secrets of Natural Success by William Whitecloud, and I Am Enough by Marissa Peer