For years, I was tangled in unconsciously loving my own trauma, finding comfort in its familiarity and attaching to it as my identity.

My past dysfunctional relationships, my tragic life story, seemed like a badge of honour, i was their victim. What I went through, how I survived.

A way to avoid facing my really deep dark fears and beliefs and the deep desire for magical love that I yearned for and believed I would never find.

I kept myself busy, seeking approval to fill the void within me, but it never did fill me up.

No therapist or healer seemed capable of helping me, and I even felt special for being unfixable, and i needed to feel special, for something.

But it was all just excuses, playing the victim to avoid taking responsibility for my life, that I had created. Bitter pill to swallow. 💊

Then, i really did start to have enough of my bullshit, after repeating the same boring shit, especially with the men i kept attracting into my world.. I decided to delve deep into my shadow, facing my fears, pain, and messed-up beliefs head-on.

It was pretty darn dark, i won’t go into detail here.

I sat through so much discomfort, awful feelings in my body, dark voices in my head screaming at me. Like a separate entity living inside me.

It was a profound journey, my trauma became my greatest teacher, pointing me toward my own greatness.

Through continuous special therapy, self-awareness, finding amazing mentors/guides, and applying my own hypnotherapy skills to myself, giving myself therapy.

I slowly untangled myself from trauma’s grip. I realized that healing is a personal journey, and no one else can do it for you.

I stopped looking for saviours or relationships to save me and instead focused on becoming my own hero.

Now, I embrace my worthiness and power, and also embrace and allow all my darkness and shadows, I love them all (it’s still a process that won’t end, but I am aware now and have processes I can do).

I have changed some very deep dark and ancestral beliefs one being, deep hate and anger for the opposite sex, which was very clearly holding me in a negative loop. And wanting to prove it was true. That ego 🙄 🧠 doesn’t like to be unemployed.

I’ve learned that healing oneself is the key to helping others too. By clearing my own path, I can now guide others with authenticity.

Remember, we all have the power to heal and grow. It starts with acknowledging our limiting beliefs, checking in with ourselves, and seeking the help we need to fully embody our worthiness.

If I can do it, so can you. Embrace your journey, face your shadows, and let healing lead you to a life of empowerment and joy.

And now I can confidently say I cracked my own code and have stepped into a life and relationship with an amazing man beyond what I could have ever imagined.